Open letter to Renzo Persico, President Consorzio Costa Smeralda

Mr. Persico,

about a year ago you made fun of all the members, and me to the detriment of our Consorzio (of which you are not a member).

In the annual meeting, in your report as outgoing president, you made public statements about the open access to all members to the files related to judicial events of which you wanted not to inform the general meeting (with respect to closure of the internal investigation conducted by the Consorzio's lawyers). Claims that you have not honoured, but has even betrayed, stubbornly preventing access to any such documents and files.

Last year I tried to understand how and why, too many stories about the administration of our Consorzio fell into the news pages of regional newspapers, but were hidden from the Consorzio members. I tried to get clarification on the economic and financial management of the Consorzio. To launch a warning about the possible insolvency of the Consorzio and some members of its Board of Directors.

I acted like a tennis player, without physical contact and no personal attacks. You and your colleagues, perhaps only concerned to maintain or gain a seat on the Board of Directors, have chosen the hard game of American football.

Today, I continue to play tennis. At the risk of reaching the match point with a series of claims and judiciary actions for malpractice, to the benefit of the Consorzio and its members.

Respecting the rules of fair play, in view of the Assembly of the July 31 I advance some of the questions I would address to you and all members of the Board


Do you believe it is right that a Consorzio (or rather, a condominium) member should go to court with a summons to be informed of the deliberation of the Administration Board and other news of interest to all members?


What is the benefit, or rather damage, of the Consorzio from a delay of more than a year in accessing the minutes of the Board and the result of the internal investigation over the Jaguarao scandal? Or is it a matter of very personal and private interests?


I would like to know the number of court proceedings initiated by the Consorzio against Consorzio members to claim non-paid fees during the past five years, year by year. For the same period: the number of proceeding against third parties (and members, if any) to protect other interests of the Consorzio, in particular to defend the city planning, landscape conservation, quality of life and the image and reputation of the Consorzio.


About the financial statements proposed by the Board, I beg you to inform the Meeting of the nature and the annual total amounts paid in any way, directly from the Consorzio and, separately, from the Costa Smeralda Servizi Consortili in the last five years, in favour of the members of its organs, provided by art. 8 of the Statute.

The organs of the Consorzio are:


Finally, I would like to know the number of managers, employees with permanent contracts, fixed-term employees and consultants, and advisors of the Consorzio and of the of Costa Smeralda Servizi Consortili.

Thank you for your prompt and comprehensive responses.

Giancarlo Perini

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